COVID-19 hit hotel industry harder than thought

“The pandemic has been devastating to the hospitality industry workforce, wiping out 10 years of hotel job growth,” the association wrote in its analysis, adding that the nation’s leisure and hospitality sector — which includes restaurants, museums, and other tourism attractions as well as lodging businesses — is down 3.1 million jobs since the coronavirus struck early in 2020.

Connecticut hotels employed 26,225 workers in 2019. The number dropped by almost 8,800 last year and is projected to rebound to just over 20,300 by year’s end. This would leave the state still down 22.5% from 2019.

According to the analysis of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Connecticut’s projected loss ranks 15th worst overall and above the national average of 20.4%.

Hawaii led all states by a wide margin and is projected to be down 45.2% of its hospitality jobs by year’s end. Massachusetts ranked second at 34.1%.

In the Northeast, Connecticut’s percentage loss was surpassed by Massachusetts, New York (32.8%,) Vermont (27.6%,) and Pennsylvania (24.6%.)

The association focused in its analysis on direct hotel jobs, such as housekeepers and desk agents. This does not include positions that restaurants, attractions, supply vendors and other related businesses might have cut because of the weakened hotel induContinueReading….

Source: CT Mirror
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