Narayana Health Unveils Powerful Brand Film on Cancer Care

Bengaluru, 3 Feb 2024 – Narayana Health, one of India’s leading healthcare providers, has released a touching brand film that emphasizes its commitment to an integrated approach to cancer care. Aligned with the theme of World Cancer Day this year, “Close the Care Gap,” the campaign reflects Narayana Health’s commitment to compassionate care and a focus on cancer treatment. As a part of this initiative, patients get a free second opinion from cancer specialists across the Narayana Health network. 

The brand film takes viewers through the various facets of a doctor’s daily life, portraying him as a loving father, a kind stranger, and a devoted oncologist.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efw5dZVVcoM 

It starts with him being a loving father, smoothly transitioning to a scene where he helps an old man enter into an elevator that is on the verge of closing. While on his way to work, he halts his car to facilitate the safe crossing of an elderly woman, showcasing both care and attention. Later, as an oncologist in the hospital, he treats the same elderly lady, who visits his OPD as a cancer patient along with her grandson.

This engaging sequence not only highlights the doctor’s versatility in playing different roles with the same dedication & compassion but also symbolizes Narayana Health’s empathetic approach to patient care. The theme of the brand film encapsulates the institution’s ethos: “Care is not something you do; it comes from within you.”

Commenting on the brand film, Dr. Ashish Bajaj, Chief Marketing Officer of Narayana Health, said, “Through this film, we celebrate those exceptional individuals who consistently go the extra mile in their everyday lives. At Narayana Health, empathy is not a choice; it is an integral part of our DNA & forms the essence of our caregiving philosophy. Every member of our team, including our dedicated doctors, nurses, technicians & support staff exemplifies the power of care in both their personal and professional lives. Through these small gestures, we make a big impact on the journey of healing and hope for our patients. This film is a tribute to the genuine care that defines us and strengthens our mission to make a difference in every life we touch.”

The ICMR’s National Cancer Registry Programme Report projected a 12% rise in cancer cases by 2025. As per estimates, there will be about 15.7 lakh cancer cases by 2025. The alarming surge in cancer cases has led Narayana Health to refocus on oncology, transforming its major hospitals into comprehensive cancer care centres equipped with top-notch medical, surgical, and radiation facilities. 

The Brand Film went live on 2nd February 2024. Narayana Health has launched a massive pan India campaign around the same targeting all major mediums. 

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About Narayana Health 

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