Actor, Writer and Producer Manoj Chaturvedi Denies Any Similarities Between Daket Of Dholpur and Irfan Khan’s Paan Singh Tomar

Actor, Writer and Producer Manoj Chaturvedi Denies Any Similarities Between Daket Of Dholpur and Irfan Khan's Paan Singh Tomar

Manoj Chaturvedi along with his leading lady Radha Ajmera hosted a grand premiere of his soon to be released hard hitting drama Daket Of Dholpur in Mumbai last night. Apart from the whole cast and crew of the film, many celebrities from the industry also showed up and graced the occasion and gave thumps up after watching the film.

The story of the film revolves around the  farmers of a village named Dholpur in which it is shown how the cruel strongmen and Dacoits of Dholpur forcibly try to grab agricultural lands of innocent farmers taking away their livelihood. Not only that while doing so, they don’t even hesitate in killing the farmers and their loved ones randomly. It’s a disturbing and thought provoking film.

When asked if the film drew inspiration from Late Irfan Khan’s popular film Paan Singh Tomar, the actor/writer/producer of the film Manoj Chaturvedi said, “There are no similarities between Daket Of Dholpur and Paan Singh Tomar. Both the stories are different from each other and follow different templates. My film is unique in a sense that it  narrates a gut wrenching story of sufferings and oppression of the farmers in the hands of Dacoits.

Manoj Chaturvedi has not only acted in the film but he has also written and  produced the film himself. Talking about his journey of making the film and sharing many responsibilities at the same time Manoj Chaturvedi said, “Obviously multi-tasking was not easy, but nothing in this world comes easy. The making of this film is a shining example of how dreams often come true. I managed to do multi-tasking because of my wonderful crew and cast of the film but it was a decade long struggle  before I could make this movie and realise my dream. After completing the movie, I was very happy as the film has really shaped up really well. I am sure audiences too would relate with it and would get to see a very hard-hitting film on the big screen”.

He further said, “I am very excited about my first film because I know that it’s a subject which is going to touch people’s hearts in a big way. It’s a story inspired by many true events. It has all the elements like, tragedy, action, drama, romance and comedy. The music of the film is already hit and hailed by the listeners.

Helmed by Afzal Khan, the film Daket of Dholpur has been made under the banner of M/S Baba Cine Entertainment. The film is going to be released on 8th March, 2024 which is also an auspicious date because of Mahashivratri.