Annual Global Peace Summit 2024 at Mumbai by Human Rights Council Of India

Our 11th Foundation Day and Global Peace Summit program is professionally designed to include training sessions from established individuals from the fields of economics, law, politics, and social work, cultural programs, and group discussions on modern World Dilemmas. Global industry leaders, government ministers, and the most renowned members of the worldwide media convene here to conduct business and talk about the challenges and trends affecting the global economy.

Around 430 people were Welcomed with Warm Greetings at the 11th Global Peace Summit  2024 of Human Rights Council Of India. Members from every state were present. From Jammu and Kashmir to Kanyakumari, many members came to Mumbai to attend this Informative Program. We will always be proud of them. We thank Human Rights Council Of India Family for their precious time in participating in the 11th Global Peace Summit.  This opportunity helped many to learn and evolve themselves for a Better Tomorrow and to grow our Society and Organization in such a way as to help the Community Lifetime. The program was beneficial to many sectors of the society including, economical, industrial, social work, and law.

Our team of about  60000 people and workers from various states in India allow us to reach beyond state lines.Now, let us understand the crucial role played by the Human Rights Council of India in defending Human Rights and raising its awareness. Human Rights Council of India addresses important issues like the mistreatment of prisoners, which frequently adds to or implies the actions of the police, the evils of the female dowry system and dowry deaths, the exploitation of labour and child labour, communal differences leading to communal violence, and misconduct of prisoners.
At the end of the Event we have Awarded Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Award We are happy to announce the awarding ceremony of the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Global Peace Award to the members who has committed there time to solve social issues and carrying out the noble work of improving society on this memorable day commemorating our 11th Foundation Day. For the past 10 years,  Human Rights Council of India has been actively involved in this admirable project throughout 26 states and 9 Union Territories.

Our National President Shri Haji Sheikh Saheb’s Gurumantra will be beneficial to everyone throughout our life. Our Chief Guest for the program was Shri Devendra Bhai Ji and National Working President Shri Rajendra Walia Ji. The efforts of our National Committee member Shri Satyaprakash Trivedi and National Vice President Seema Khan Ma’am made this program immensely successful. This program was hosted by our Celebrity Anchor Mr. Ankit Khandelwal 2times World Record Holder. He did a very good job and hosted this program successfully.

In the end, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Global Peace Award was Honoured to all our Members and Post Holders for there immense Hard Work towards the Organisation. We all would like to thank the family of  Human Rights Council of India for making our Event Super Grand Successful.

Human Rights Council of India is very much thankful for the kind Interest and presence at 11th Annual Global Peace Summit 2024 On 11th January Who all has attended the Program and the ones who registered but due to some issues were unable to come for the event we are thankful to them also for showing there Interest.
The Annual Global Peace Summit will be held once again in the same venue to have Fun, gain Knowledge, and build up our organization stronger for upcoming challenges.