FreeClass Campus: Meaningful Screentime for Kids

In today’s technology-driven world, after-school hours often find children glued to television screens watching irrelevant things or playing games on mobile devices. While these offer entertainment, they might not contribute significantly to holistic development.

It’s against this backdrop that FreeClass Campus (FCC), a brainchild of the renowned education platform homeClass, emerged as a breath of fresh air. Launched in January 2024, as a part of their Mission Inclusion 2024 programme, FCC provides an engaging and enriching alternative for children aged 5 to 12, fostering a love for learning and nurturing valuable skills.

From Meaningless Screen to Meaningful Engagement:

For many parents, managing household chores and office work while ensuring their children are constructively engaged in the evenings can be a challenge. FCC addresses this very concern. Instead of passive screen time, it offers a structured 5-day-a-week programme encompassing diverse, interactive courses. From honing abacus skills to participating in vibrant book clubs, mastering art and craft, and getting creative with storytelling, FCC offers a spectrum of activities that caters to different interests and learning styles.”I am so relieved now that my son is not watching family serials with the maid before I reach home from work.” says Mrinalini, mother of Aarya(7).

Building Bridges, Broadening Horizons:

Beyond stimulating young minds, FCC goes a step further by fostering social interaction and cultural exchange. “Children get the opportunity to connect with peers from across the country and even the globe, building friendships and appreciating diverse perspectives.” said Abbas Zariwala from Mumbai, whose 9 year old daughter Anahita is enjoying her newly found group online in her FCC classes; “She never misses a day!” said Zariwalla. This exposure transcends geographical boundaries, promoting a sense of inclusivity and global citizenship.

Skills for a Brighter Future:

FCC’s impact extends far beyond entertainment and socialization. The carefully curated programs are designed to nurture essential skills for future success. From strengthening basic math skills and communication abilities to expanding vocabulary and developing a love for reading, FCC lays a strong foundation for academic excellence. Additionally, artistic expression through art and craft workshops encourages creativity and critical thinking, equipping children with well-rounded personalities.

Accessibility & Mission Inclusion:

One of the most remarkable aspects of FCC is its commitment to accessibility. Recognizing the importance of providing equal opportunities for all, the program is entirely free of cost. It prioritizes inclusivity through “Mission Inclusion 2024,” as mentioned earlier, aiming to empower 10,000 children with access to a quality digital education platform. “This initiative ensures that financial constraints won’t hinder a child’s potential for growth.” said Gaurav Shah, a key person in strategising the FCC programme.

Quality & Engagement at the Core:

The success of FCC hinges on its unwavering commitment to quality. It leverages homeClass’s expertise in online education, bringing together experienced faculty and innovative teaching methods. This ensures that FCC programs are not only engaging but also deliver genuine educational value. “The platform consistently strives to grab children’s attention and turn free time into a productive and enjoyable learning experience.” commented Anjana Muffadasar, who is responsible for the diversity and inclusion at homeClass.

Positive Impact & Momentum:

Since its launch, FCC has garnered widespread appreciation from parents across India. The opportunity to have their children engage in meaningful activities that promote learning and social interaction has resonated deeply. This positive reception has fueled the program’s momentum, attracting more children and families as it strives to fulfill its mission of empowering young minds. Currently 200 children have enrolled themselves since the first week of January by taking a minimal monthly membership fee starting at Rs.100 only.

Review: FreeClass Campus offers a compelling alternative to passive screen time, enriching children’s lives with interactive learning, skill development, and valuable social connections. Its commitment to accessibility and quality education makes it a truly impactful initiative, empowering young minds and igniting a passion for learning that extends far beyond the digital space.

To enroll in this course https://homeclass.in/freeclass-campus

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