Gauvalley- Building World’s Largest Gaushala in 625 Acres at Dharmastala launch by Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka,Dr. H K Patil Hon’ble Minister

Gauvalley- Building World’s Largest Gaushala in 625 Acres at Dharmastala launch by Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka,Dr. H K Patil Hon’ble Minister

Wonderful to receive a Great Honour getting recognition for our initiative Gauvalley- Building World’s Largest Gaushala in 625 Acres at Dharmastala by Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka,Dr. H K Patil


Hon’ble Minister for Justice Law, HR & Parliamentary Affairs and Legislation and Tourism Department, GoK ,Sri Ramesh Chandra Lahori President FKCCI , Sri K Shiva Shanmugam Chairman Dakshin Bharat Utsav ,Smt Uma Reddy Vice President FKCCI, Dr Ram Prasath Manohar IAS Director Dept of Tourism Government of Karnataka and other distinguished leaders at Palace Ground in a grand function.


Gau Valley project is going to be the world’s largest Gaushala spread over 625 acres of green and lush land situated near Dharmastala, Karnataka surrounded by 2 rivers. It’s approximately around 75 km from Mangaluru and 300 km from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, India. The land is already covered with 300 acres of Rubber, 5,600 Coconut trees, 9,500 Arecanut trees, 5,600 Cashew trees, 750 Jadhi trees, 600 Pepper trees, and 500 Mango trees, 300 Jackfruit trees, and 400 Teakwood trees. Jaikai, Pepper, and other quarries are covered in 15 acres.


To invest in cattle is a big decision, especially if you have no experience in handling it. Also, cattle are expensive to buy and they take up a lot of space. If you don’t have the time or space to take care of the cattle, then Gau Valley is your best solution. The cattle will be managed by Gau Valley on your behalf. We will take care of the fodder, medicine, and all other required needs that cattle have. All that is provided to the cattle will be the utmost quality feeds. You may visit Gau Valley any time of the year to check how well your cattle are doing physically and digitally.


So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a Cow to become a part of the Gau Valley movement today!


“Gaavo Vishwasya Maatarah” (Cow is the Universal Mother).




To establish the world’s largest Gaushala

Self-sufficient model interlinking the protection of cows and nature

To create a cow-based economy and inspire many to adopt a cow

Facilitate the prevention of cruelty against cows

Cater to the ever-growing demand for Cow’s by-products like urine and dung



Adoption of Desi Cows Cow-based natural farming

Enabling ancient health techniques

Protection and development of Desi Cows

Promotion of Desi Gaumata Panchagavya products

Better environment & society with Cow-based living concepts




We give utmost importance to and value our mother nature’s ecosystem, where the Gaumata is respected.

We believe in quality, equality & ethics. Being responsible citizens, we work towards our belief system of preserving our mother nature for future generations by giving the Gaumata its due respectful value.

We are a passionate team working towards enhancing biological activity, protecting the environment, and taking every step in caring for Gaumatas and its family, including calves and bulls.

We are an ambitious, trustworthy, and customer-oriented team working towards success and growth ensuring to continue our activities to reach our vision.

Grow with Gau



Gau Seva


As per scriptures, the Cow is the Universal Mother, in Sanskrit written as “Gaavo Vishwasya Maatarah”. Hence, its one’s duty to serve and protect Gau Mata. For ages, Gau Mata has become an integral part of human life.


Gau Daan


The word Gau is taken from Sanskrit which means ‘source of food, ‘symbol of life, and ‘senses’. The word ‘Gau Daan’ means ‘the gift of a cow’. In ancient times cows are donated by the kings to needy people. It is believed that at least one cow should be given as “Daan” in one’s lifetime. Generally, Gau Daan includes daan of Cow along with the Calf.


Feed the Gau


If no one will be there to take care of Cow, then they will die out of hungry, by eating plastic or end up in the slaughterhouse. So, we have decided to build a Goshala, cow shelter. Running the Goshala requires huge amounts of resources, to ensure they are taken care of. It is extremely difficult to provide all facilities for thousands of cows. A cow is a second mother to all of us. We must help our protector.


Gau Pooja


Gau Puja can be offered every day or on days like Thursday and Friday. Cow with its calf is offered Puja on all the festivals (Hindu) to yield the wishes. Shraavanmaas, Karthikmaas, or Sankranti can be such special occasions.


Activities of Gau Valley:


Shed Maintenance


Cow sheds are constructed without cement or concrete flooring, from East to West direction. Separate sheds are constructed for Urine collection. We can use either Onduline sheets or natural grass top. We designed a grass-feeding passage and drinking water facility along with mosquito nets.


Grass and Feed


We provide free or forest grazing for desi cows for at least 4 to 5 km to walk in sunlight. We avoid Super Napier Grass, and instead, we provide multi varieties of Desi Grass, Hedge Lucerne, Lucerne, Stylo, Sorghum, Bajra, Millets, Jawar, etc.


Products Making


We can make many Gau Mata’s Panchagavya products based on demand. We prefer such projects for spiritual care as Pooja Samagri, Dhoop Sticks, Cow dung Diyas, Cow dung Cakes, Sambrani Cups, etc. The next preference is for bath and home care products, and finally healthcare products.


Cow-Based Natural Farming


It’s vital to have a healthy living which in turn necessitates converting all our chemical farming lands to chemical-free natural farming. It is possible with Desi Seeds, Traditional Post Harvest Methods, Natural Processing Methods, etc.


Processing Room


Processing rooms are required for making products. Each processing room is different, based on the Product. It will be designed after finalizing the.


Panchagavya Clinic


Goshala is not just wealth creation but also health creation. One can get a cure for almost all diseases from Gau Panchagavyas. It is a chemical-free alternative method that can help for better health and a better environment for humans.




At Gau valley, along with cow welfare, we take care of farm profitability, food safety, and work efficiency. We give utmost importance to spiritual aspects. Gau Seva, Gau Daan, Feeding the Gau, and Gau Pooja is integral part of our Gau Valley. Let us all come together as a large family to contribute to this noble work by Adopting a Cow. Your decision can help a cow to get its home forever.


Protecting cows is of utmost importance for humankind, and they are totally dependent on us. Let us all take care and serve our Gau Matas to get their divine blessings.








Assured annual returns

Free Insurance for Cow

Tax benefit

Adoption Certificate

Visit & Stay option at Gau Valley

Track & Live View of your Cow

Gau Seva Donation:


Feed a Cow for a week – Rs. 1,000/-

Feed 10 Cows for a day – Rs. 1,000/-

Feed a Cow for a year – Rs. 10,000/-



For further details contact:

Dr Hari Krishna Maram Chairman 9900001511


Email: [email protected]  


Visit Website: www.gauvalley.com