India’s First Holistic Wellness App, Innergy, Takes Center Stage at Raahigiri Day in Delhi

Innergy, the trailblazing holistic wellness app, took center stage at the recent Raahigiri Day event in Delhi, leaving an indelible mark on the celebration of Raahigiri’s 10-year milestone. Innergy’s second consecutive participation in the event showcased a commitment to fostering car-free, inclusive public streets and creating vibrant, accessible cities for all.

With an expanded footprint at this year’s event, Innergy wowed attendees not only with an informative booth but also with an engaging stage performance that brought the app’s transformative capabilities to life. The skit, mirroring real-life scenarios, featured a mother and daughter embracing Innergy as a tool for crafting healthy and delicious dishes. The team further energized the crowd with a lively Zumba session and a demonstration of the preparation of Date and Apple Overnight Oats, generously shared with the captivated audience.

At the heart of the event, the Innergy booth provided a platform for visitors to explore the app’s features and participate in a raffle. Ten lucky winners were announced during the stage performance, each receiving a complimentary one-year subscription to Innergy.

Adding an element of fun, a dart-throwing game awarded winners with delectable chocolates and candies, creating a festive atmosphere that resonated with hundreds of participants. The dynamic engagement highlighted Innergy’s commitment to holistic wellness and the app’s undeniable appeal in promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

In a groundbreaking update, Innergy introduced Hindi language support within the app, breaking down language barriers and reaching a broader audience. Now, users can access Innergy’s comprehensive tools and resources in their preferred language, marking a significant step in the brand’s mission to revolutionize the wellness app landscape. Stay tuned for more language options, as Innergy continues to redefine how users prioritize their well-being.

The presence of Innergy at the Raahigiri Day event underscored the brand’s dedication to empowering individuals on their journey towards healthier and more balanced lives. By seamlessly blending evidence-based techniques with user-friendly technology, Innergy continues to set new standards in the wellness app industry.

The introduction of Hindi language support is just the beginning. Innergy remains committed to making wellness accessible to everyone and is actively working on incorporating additional languages, further broadening its reach and impact. This commitment aligns with Innergy’s overarching goal of providing users with a personalized and inclusive wellness experience.

About Innergy

Innergy is a leading holistic wellness app that combines evidence-based techniques with user-friendly technology, revolutionizing the way users prioritize their well-being. For more information about Innergy and its transformative wellness solutions, visit InnergyApp.com.

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About The Institute for Meditation and Inner Harmony (IMIH)

The Institute for Meditation and Inner Harmony (IMIH) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research-backed tools and techniques that foster holistic health and wellness. IMIH conducts original research into the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of meditation and explores practices that enhance overall health, leading to a sense of Inner Harmony. Through innovative programs, research, and technology-driven solutions, IMIH inspires and supports individuals to embrace a well-balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

About Raahigiri Day

Raahigiri Day is an monthly event that celebrates a car-free and inclusive environment, aiming to create safer and more vibrant public spaces. The event reflects a decade-long initiative dedicated to transforming city streets into spaces that prioritize the well-being of residents. Learn more at [Raahigiri.org](link).