Making Social Welfare Official, Appinventiv Foundation Pledges 50 Lakhs On Inauguration Day!

Making Social Welfare Official, Appinventiv Foundation Pledges 50 Lakhs On Inauguration Day!

Appinventiv Foundation, the social welfare wing of Appinventiv, an emerging IT leader, made its official debut on 8 November 2023 to help marginalized communities access better health, hygiene, and earning opportunities. During the inaugural ceremony, the company pledged 50 lakhs to support the Foundation’s various initiatives to uplift less privileged groups. The team of 1600+ tech experts has been actively discovering and bridging different gaps in opportunities and support for the underprivileged since 2015.


Young children from the Saksham Kids NGO energized the inaugural event with their presence, for whom 50+ Appinventiv volunteers had donated 1000 hours of education support. The newly formed wing will function under the aegis of Saurabh Singh, Sudeep Srivastava, Prateek Saxena, Peeyush Singh, and Dileep Gupta.


Chasing Selfless Profits


With a collective vision to chase a selfless cause and uplift underprivileged communities, the company has pledged INR 50,00,000, which will be allocated for various initiatives in multiple phases. Marking 8th November 2023 as the inauguration day, Appinventiv Foundation commenced its first phase with three initiatives to be carried out in 2024:


-Identifying 30 merit students from financially challenged backgrounds and rewarding them with Scholarships.


-Offering 51,000 meals annually to ensure healthy and hygienic meals for those lacking them.


-Growing the green belt of Delhi-NCR’s urban surroundings by planting 100,000+ trees.


The second phase will focus on solving the lack of basic necessities, providing skill development opportunities, and supporting spiritual ventures. The next phase will include the following initiatives:


-Training and job assistance to help 250+ students empower their financial stance.


-Distributing medical kits, vision correction spectacles, and wheelchairs to improve physical freedom for the differently abled.


-Nurturing better hygiene for women by providing 100,000+ hygiene kits.


Motivating In-House Volunteers


Appinventiv has built a unified work environment of 1600+ humans, making them the ideal volunteers for the company’s initiatives. The creative and engaging on-ground execution of the campaigns has attracted volunteers from within its employee base, including their friends and families. The company is open to anyone who wants to volunteer or collaborate on its initiatives.


“We proactively recognize the extra efforts made by our team and inculcate an engaging experience throughout the campaigns. This ensures the on-ground effectiveness of all our CSR campaigns.” Dileep Gupta, Co-founder of Appinventiv.


Keeping 1600+ Open Eyes To Challenges


Most CSR activities are limited to the relevance of their associated brand, budgets, and other factors that result in some form of business benefit. That’s why, even after the Enactment of Companies Act 2013 pushed to mandate CSR activities in MNCs, the real-world results are not that visible.


Contrary to most brands’ typical approach, Appinventiv has urged its 1600+ employees to bring forward any societal inequalities or concerns in their nearby communities. The company also openly invites anyone facing or witnessing challenges in their community to seek support. The Foundation’s committee will then review the issues and allot resources and budgets to solve them immediately.


We strongly believe in inclusive empowerment and are excited to make this nearly decade-long journey official through the Appinventiv Foundation. This step will help us take concrete steps, get better support from relevant authorities, and ensure transparency of funds allocated.,” said Saurabh Singh, CEO of Appinventiv.


About Appinventiv


Appinventiv is a leading digital transformation company of 1600+ tech experts offering services in major international markets like the USA, UK, Australia, and UAE. It focuses on ROI-focused digital solutions for Startups and Enterprises, giving it an edge over industry-standard solutions that major players have to offer. Their predictive approach towards catching the latest and upcoming trends in technology has helped them steer ahead of the competition while gaining various accolades en route. 


Headquartered in India, the company has built a strong reputation and renowned portfolio through its five international excellence centers. The team has successfully delivered 3000+ digital products and has been the driver of digital transformation for critical projects led by the Indian and Qatar governments.