SportzGuard Receives Best Sports Infrastructure Company Award in Telangana

Hyderabad- 6th July 2024 

SportzGuard, a Hyderabad-based private limited company dedicated to providing comprehensive professional sports infrastructure solutions, has emerged as a trusted and leading partner for schools and educational institutions.

Deepak Gupta, the CEO and Founder of SportzGuard Services Pvt Ltd, highlights the company’s journey: SportzGuard has become one of the most trusted brands for schools and educational institutes for their sports infrastructure needs. Our clientele includes some of the most prestigious educational institutions such as the Indian School of Business (ISB), Gaudium International School, Gitanjali Vedika, Sancta Maria International, and Zee High School. Recently, we were selected for the Best Sports Infrastructure Company award in the Education Segment in Telangana by EU Media at the Education Excellence Awards 2024.”

Why Choose SportzGuard?

Expertise in Sports Infrastructure:

SportzGuard specializes in sports infrastructure, which demands meticulous attention to details like drainage, slopes, levels, and sport-specific orientations. Our expertise ensures flawless integration of these aspects into every project.

2. End-to-End Turnkey Solutions:

SportzGuard offers complete turnkey solutions, from designing to civil work, lighting, fabrications, drainage, sports surface installations, maintenance, and post-sales services. This one-stop solution alleviates the burden on schools to coordinate with multiple vendors.

3. Efficient Operations:

The company prides itself on efficient operations, supported by an in-house team of architects, engineers, installation teams, advanced machinery, and company-owned warehouses in Hyderabad and Mumbai. This ensures timely delivery of materials and equipment, streamlining the entire process.

4. Top-Quality Sports Surfaces:

As direct importers and partners with the world’s leading manufacturers, SportzGuard ensures access to top-quality sport surfaces, lighting, and equipment. With ready stock maintained in Hyderabad and Mumbai warehouses, they guarantee timely delivery and unmatched reliability.

Leadership and Vision

The success of SportzGuard is anchored in its robust leadership and management team:

Deepak Gupta: CEO, with 14 years of experience in the sports infrastructure industry, he has overseen over 500 world-class projects across India.

Komal Nayyar: Vice President, bringing over 25 years of experience from industry giants like Google and Accenture, leads strategic planning and business development.

Setting New Standards

SportzGuard continues to set new benchmarks in sports infrastructure, ensuring that schools receive top-tier facilities meeting professional and international standards. Their commitment to excellence makes SportzGuard a preferred partner for schools seeking the best in sports infrastructure.

SportzGuard’s rise as a trusted partner is a testament to their dedication to quality, expertise, and efficient service delivery. Schools across India can rely on SportzGuard to provide state-of-the-art sports facilities that inspire the next generation of athletes.

Contact Details:

Website: www.sportzguard.com

Vice President: Komal Nayyar

Mobile: +91 99676 09648

Email: [email protected]