The second edition of the National Trans Employment Mela 2024, set to take place in New Delhi, advocates for transgender inclusion and empowerment

New Delhi…March 12, 2024…The TWEET Foundation and InHarmony are delighted to announce their partnership with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (MoSJE) and the National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) for the highly anticipated second edition of the ‘Trans Employment Mela 2024” which is set to take place on March 22nd, 2024, at The Welcome Hotel by ITC in New Delhi. After the resounding success of the first edition of the Trans Recruitment Mela 2023, which witnessed unprecedented support from both candidates and companies, the organisers are extremely encouraged to continue the journey towards transgender inclusion and empowerment.


The Trans Employment Mela is not just another job fair; it symbolises a crucial step forward in the collective efforts to create a more inclusive society. This year, the Mela aims to bring together organizations from various sectors, including private, governmental, international, and bilateral entities, providing a platform for over 120 highly competitive and professional job seekers from the transgender community. The prime focus of the event is to sensitize the corporate world on transgender person’s employment needs & bridge the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ gaps through increased trans employment in the corporate sector across India. 


Companies can participate in the event through sponsorship, recruitment booth setups, creating opportunities for transgender individuals, or simply attending the Mela. The sponsorship packages offer a range of benefits, including certificates of sponsorship from the Government of India, booth space, event passes for employees, brand visibility opportunities, and sensitization sessions for employees. Publicis Sapient, Platinum Sponsor, and Varun Beverages Limited, Gold Sponsor, reaffirm their commitment to transgender inclusion and empowerment at the Trans Employment Mela 2024, aligning with TWEET Foundation and InHarmony’s mission to create a more inclusive society.


The National Transgender Employment Mela 2023, the inaugural edition, witnessed remarkable achievements with Over 500 candidate applications received, 30 companies registered for the Mela, 160 job vacancies offered to candidates, conducted over 100 interviews, more than 300 attendees participated and facilitated 58 job offers. The second edition of Employment Mela is anticipating over 800 applications. 


Dr. R. Giriraj, Dy. Director, NISD, expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “The National Transgender Employment Mela stands as a crucial endeavour in our continuous pursuit of fostering inclusivity and diversity within the workforce. Through this joint initiative with Tweet Foundation and InHarmony, we’ve achieved a significant milestone wherein 58 transgender individuals secured jobs in inclusive companies in 2023. As Director of NISD, I’m honoured to present the strides made in mainstreaming transgender inclusion through employment generation. We are not only challenging stereotypes but reaffirming the value of diversity in our society. This year, we anticipate the participation of over 50 corporate entities, with an estimated attendance of 100 transgender candidates, facilitating opportunities for career exploration.”


Maya Awasthy, Co-CEO, TWEET Foundation said, “In the face of staggering statistics on transgender exclusion from economic activities and societal rejection, the TWEET Foundation strives for transformative change. Our National Transgender Employment Mela 2023 marked a pivotal moment, with over 500 applications, 160 job vacancies, and 58 job offers. Yet, the journey ahead is steep; we must engage both corporate sectors and empower young transgender individuals to break barriers. While progress is evident, educational disparities persist due to early discrimination. We advocate for skill-building initiatives to bridge this gap, ensuring every transgender person has access to dignified employment. Together, let’s pave the path towards inclusive opportunities.” 


Anupama Easwaran, Founder, InHarmony said, “In a world marred by biases, we advocate for equal opportunities, regardless of background or gender identity. Shockingly, just 6% of transgender individuals were formally employed in 2017. By tackling employment disparities, we empower a marginalised communities to thrive, improving health and wellbeing. Companies must step up, crafting roles tailored to the talents of transgender individuals, bridging the gap in education and experience. Together, let’s pave the path to a more inclusive and equitable future.” 


Vieshaka L Dutta, Senior Director – Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, India and APAC, Publicis Sapient stated, “The trans community has long encountered significant obstacles in accessing equitable education and employment opportunities. Initiatives like Trans Employment Mela play a vital role in facilitating their integration and advancement within society through internships and job placements. As an organization deeply dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Publicis Sapient proudly aligns with InHarmony and Tweet foundation in championing Trans Employment Mela’s mission to empower and uplift this marginalized community towards a more inclusive tomorrow.”


Beneficiary, Trans Employment Mela 2023 said, “The Trans Employment Mela was a great opportunity for trans people to find jobs in different reputed companies. I only had a diploma in my education and lacked any graduation or higher qualification, and my documents were not updated to my preferred

name and gender identity. Despite being capable, I was not getting any chance to show it. TWEET Foundation and InHarmony really helped me a lot in preparing for the interviews and I landed a job in Godrej Properties. I am extremely thankful to all the team members for giving opportunities to all trans people. Everyone in the office is very helpful and good in nature, which has made my transition into the corporate world much easier.” 


There has been a noticeable positive shift in how companies approach the hiring of transgender individuals. Those that have undergone sensitization are exhibiting greater inclusivity. Initially led by multinational IT firms, this trend is now being pioneered by Indian manufacturing companies like Tata Steel and Varun Beverages Limited, setting historic precedents by offering jobs tailored to diverse educational backgrounds and experiences. Furthermore, sectors such as logistics, property management and retail are also embracing the recruitment of transgender individuals. It’s evident that companies investing in gender-affirming inclusive policies are fostering stronger environments for meaningful engagement among transgender employees. 


Increasingly, businesses are recognising the significance of integrating gender-affirming care services into their workplace policies, thereby cultivating gender-sensitive environments to welcome transgender colleagues into a new workplace culture. Given the considerable challenges related to education levels and experience, industries such as manufacturing, logistics, property management, and retail offer a variety of job roles to cater to diverse backgrounds. However, true inclusion extends beyond mere hiring; it entails creating the appropriate environment, policies, infrastructure, and more, which is an ongoing journey requiring patience and dedication.



TWEET Foundation (www.tweetindia.org) is an NGO based out of Delhi and Mumbai led by trans persons dedicated to providing the community with crisis support, short shelter stay, health and legal resources and connecting them with skill building and inclusive employment opportunities. TWEET works closely with key stakeholders for mainstreaming advocacy. It works with the government to bring in policy-level changes and works with civil societies and corporates to build strategic partnerships to support Trans movement and welfare.


InHarmony (www.inharmony.in) is a pioneering Diversity, Equity & Inclusion advisory firm dedicated to fostering inclusive workplaces across India. Specializing in consultancy services, training solutions, employee wellbeing programs, research, and diversity hiring support, their impact spans various industries, guiding companies in the cultivation of inclusive & equitable spaces. InHarmony’s expertise encompasses gender, LGBTQIA+ individuals, persons with disabilities, and less privileged caste categories, catering to diverse age groups. It boasts a distinguished panel of experts including facilitators, coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists, and trainers, all committed to delivering bespoke, innovative solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. InHarmony’s founder, Anupama Easwaran is a board member of TWEET Foundation working extensively with the transgender community since the past 8 years. She is the recipient of the APCOM Hero Award 2023 in the Community Ally category. At InHarmony, their mission is to drive positive cultural change, making workplaces places where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.


Background about Sponsors 

Publicis Sapient, Platinum Sponsor

At Publicis Sapient, helps companies and the public sector keep up with the pace of technological, societal and cultural change—all while meeting the ever-evolving demands and expectations of their customers. How? By elevating customer experiences, modernizing organizations and unlocking value through technology and data. From ideation to implementation, they help set bold but achievable visions for digital transformation and empower the partners with true speed and agility.


Varun Beverages Limited, Gold Sponsor

In 2023, Varun Beverages Limited (VBL) took a significant stride by actively participating in the Trans Employment Mela 2023. Building on this commitment, VBL, a prominent player in the beverage industry and one of the largest franchisees of PepsiCo globally (excluding the USA), has elevated its engagement by becoming the Gold Sponsor of this year’s event. This strategic move underscores VBL’s dedication to fostering inclusivity and diversity within its workforce. With a focus on both manufacturing and sales functions, VBL is eagerly seeking to extend opportunities and support to individuals from the transgender community.

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