The Young and the Restless: Vamsi Gaddam’s tireless mission to make the future sustainable 

The Young and the Restless: Vamsi Gaddam's tireless mission to make the future sustainable 

In a transformative journey spanning over a decade, Vamsi Gaddam has emerged a pioneer in India’s sustainable construction industry, leaving a lasting impression on Visaka Industries Ltd, one of India’s leading construction companies. With a background that traces back to his role as a Management Trainee in 2011, Gaddam swiftly ascended the ranks, culminating in his current position as Joint Managing Director of the 40-year-old, Rs 1600 cr. turnover corporate giant.

Gaddam’s pivotal role in crafting the narrative of green construction in India has been marked by a consistent stream of innovative solutions for affordable housing, net-zero energy initiatives, textiles, and EV infrastructure. He has heightened the sustainable construction game with the Vnext Fibre Cement Board range, GreenPro certified since 2014, offering eco-friendly alternatives to traditional climate-damaging construction materials such as plywood and gypsum.

Under his leadership, Visaka Industries witnessed the introduction of groundbreaking innovations such as the Vnext Infill, a solid load-bearing wall alternative, and ATUM Solar Roof, an integrated solar roofing system that’s revolutionizing renewable technology. Vamsi’s invention, apart from redefining conventional solar panels, has been patented in India, South Africa, and USA, surpassing energy behemoth Elon Musk’s Tesla to secure the coveted patent, making ATUM the world’s first and only Integrated Solar Roof.

Gaddam’s relentless pursuit of sustainability and innovation extends beyond the office and boardroom. Through Vnext and ATUM, he has spearheaded initiatives that resulted in saving over 5 lakh trees, offsetting 1 lakh tons of CO2 emissions, and repurposing 175 million PET bottles. His commitment to an eco-conscious business approach has paved the way for impactful societal change and environmental stewardship.

Beyond his corporate role, Vamsi Gaddam’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Atumobile Pvt. Ltd., an Indian automobile start-up focusing on vintage café racer-style electric bikes dubbed Atum bikes, of which there have been low-speed, and high-speed variants. Vamsi has received patents for the electric café racer bike design, its frame design, and its unique 14-litre storage space. Since its inception in 2020, Atumobile has marked its success by selling an enormous number of electric bikes, carving a niche in the electric vehicle industry. As of 2023, Atum bikes run on motors and batteries which are developed in-house through Vamsi’s expertise and his team of engineers and researchers.

Vamsi’s ambition doesn’t stop at the corporate level. It has helped change the landscape of education in the construction sector. His objective of introducing subjects related to new-age sustainable building materials in university curriculums speaks volumes about his dedication to creating a future-ready workforce in architecture, civil engineering, and interior design.

Under Gaddam’s leadership, Visaka Industries witnessed a monumental transformation from a simple textile brand to a sustainability-driven industry leader. His strategic approach and foresight have not only expanded the company’s manufacturing capabilities but also introduced new initiatives like ATUM Charge stations and ATUM Life Experience Centres, redefining the paradigm of sustainability across industries.

The employment opportunities created through Visaka’s expansion bear testimony to Gaddam’s commitment to social responsibility. With each of the four plants employing over 500 individuals, and Visaka as a whole supporting over 4000 employees nationwide, his impact in enhancing both business growth and socio-economic development is evident.

In Vamsi Gaddam’s overarching supervision, Visaka Industries has undergone an unprecedented transformation, scaling its turnover from a modest figure to a remarkable Rs 1600 crore in 2023. His unwavering commitment to environmental conservation, innovative thinking, and inclusive corporate strategies has set a benchmark for the construction industry.

Vamsi Gaddam’s journey from a Management Trainee to a prominent leader in sustainable construction is a testament to his dedication to creating a greener, more sustainable future for India, and the world. His exemplary lead-by-example spirit continues to drive Visaka Industries towards a future that is ideal for consumers, and our planet alike.

A passionate young innovator and entrepreneur, Vamsi Gaddam is the Joint Managing Director of Visaka Industries Ltd. – India’s leading construction materials company. Vamsi has been a vocal advocate for adopting renewable and green consumption for a sustainable tomorrow. He is also the Founder of Atumobile, manufacturer of India’s 1st High Speed Electric Café Racer motorcycle.