Flytrail: Pioneering Premium Self-Drive Road Trips from Siliguri to the World

Flytrail: Pioneering Premium Self-Drive Road Trips from Siliguri to the World

When we hear the word ‘vacation,’ aren’t we all filled with excitement? Well, this is the exciting story of ‘Flytrail,’ an international road trip start-up operating from Siliguri, the bustling capital of North Bengal.


It all began back in 2017 when Rajdeep & Procheta, a young couple in their twenties, started an Instagram & Facebook page called ‘Flytrail.’ “We would post pictures & videos of our vacation on this page. Since social media was on the rise, we wanted to make the best out of it,” said Procheta.


At the start of 2018, they organized a short trip to Gurudongmar & Yumthang Valley, Sikkim, and it turned out to be an absolute smash with over 18 people biking their way to the hills. After a few months, just out of a whim, the couple decided to plan a road trip in Norway, posted it as an event on Facebook, tagging their friends & family, and asking interested people to join. Astonishingly, a few travel enthusiasts from Mumbai, Nepal, and Siliguri contacted them, and before they realized it, team Flytrail was off organizing their first-ever road trip to an international destination.


Soon, Rajdeep & Procheta quit their professions to work solely on the growth of Flytrail. They were among the first ones to introduce community-style traveling in the tourism space. They are among the few Indian start-ups to offer self-drive road trips in countries like Iceland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Finland, New Zealand, and more. With such USPs, Flytrail soon gained popularity among Indian travel enthusiasts. Clients started coming back to them repeatedly for the unique experiences Flytrail provided.


The road trips led by Flytrail are designed with a unique attention to detail, “Planning a trip is not about doing whatsoever, it’s an art” says Rajdeep. For his team, it means detailed research about the travel destination, bringing in the best facilities for an experience that would be imprinted on the client’s memories.


The journey with Flytrail is the best value for money. “Our prices are unbeatable,” says Procheta.


When going for an international trip, the first thing that comes to our mind is getting ourselves a visa. But for a beginner, it can be difficult to figure it out by themselves. Flytrail has got them covered, providing visa assistance and guidance, bringing travelers one step closer to their destination.


International flights can be really expensive if booked at the wrong time. For someone with little knowledge about it, there may be confusion leading to a wrong choice of flight. So, the team at Flytrail makes sure to research beforehand and help their clients choose the best available flights for their journey abroad.


After reaching the destination, Flytrail covers all the end-to-end costs on location, even parking fees or tolls. Hence, the road trip package offered by them has no hidden costs or additional charges.


The cars provided to clients for self-drive road trips offered by Flytrail are of the topmost quality and features. This ensures a more personalized experience and prioritizes client satisfaction.


Flytrail places its clients at a variety of hotels and villas that are centrally located with close proximity to the main landmarks of the destination or are set in the wilderness offering unmatched surroundings. These locations are picturesque with the best views and facilities and are Instagram-worthy.


The community-style traveling approach of Flytrail provides an opportunity (2-3 days) where all the travelers come together, procure local food items that aren’t easily available in restaurants & cook together. Apart from this, they also offer high-quality dining experiences that feature local dishes tailored to suit the taste of Indian clients. These special characteristics make Flytrail one of a kind in the tourism space.


During their stay at a destination, Flytrail ensures bringing their clients to the most breathtaking landmarks of the destination. Their team puts enormous efforts into planning and sorting the best activities possible on location, including glacier hikes, snowmobiling, ATV riding, skydiving, snorkeling, and much more.


Now, for travelers who are interested in non-self-drive tours, Flytrail has expanded into ‘Moody Journeys,’ adding more options for travelers. The plus is that the trips designed both under Flytrail & Moody Journeys exude uniqueness in their field.


On that account, traveling with Flytrail is a loaded package with the best experiences, memories, and features put together in a bag to be cherished forever by travelers. However, leading a premium self-drive road trip startup from a tier-two city like Siliguri sounds more strenuous than easy. But Rajdeep’s opinion stated the contrary, as he said, “Siliguri is the city of the youth; we never lacked any manpower as there’s budding talent around.” This confidence of the founder surely opened up the way to success for Flytrail.


Now, the choice lies in the hands of the travelers because Flytrail isn’t for everyone, especially the ones who are satisfied with the average. It is designed for people who desire more. More fun, more comfort, more joy.


*By Pratyusha Singha Roy*


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