Innovative Entrepreneur Amir Rizvi Leads the Charge for Climate Conservation

Innovative Entrepreneur Amir Rizvi Leads the Charge for Climate Conservation

Renowned as a #SerialEntrepreneur, Amir Rizvi epitomizes a daring spirit, propelled by the thrill and promise of his upcoming endeavors. Also, an environmentalist and climate advocate, Amir Rizvi has been a part of many missions to conserve and protect natural resources.

In a recent interview Amir Rizvi advocating about conservation of environment said, “It is our environment for which we ourselves are responsible”: Amir Rizvi, “We are disturbing this environment in some way or another. Be it our bridges, express highways, infrastructure or multistorey buildings. I have raised this issue so that people become aware about it and talk openly. The infrastructure we are building today makes it seem as if we are playing with this environment in the future. On the contrary, our generation feels that we are progressing. The infrastructure we are building is destroying our environment.” 

He further stressed upon the issue by continuing to say, “We are very happy by drilling the sea and the mountain that we have made a very good tunnel. Like the bridge that has been built recently from Navi Mumbai to Sweri, we feel very good that the country is developing. But on what basis do we feel this pride? By harming the environment? Today’s generation is becoming very happy, but will this generation remain prosperous and happy in the future? What will happen to this world when nature wreaks its havoc? No one paid attention to these things also. Somehow, we are destroying this world ourselves. My intention is just to bring awareness among people that this is our environment, for which we ourselves are responsible.

Amir’s ambitious ethos, fueled by a relentless pursuit of success and innovation in the field of environment conservation, has also become an instrument in shaping young entrepreneurs with a green vision. His adeptness at constant learning, skill refinement, and the uncanny ability to glean inspiration, and fostering the birth of novel concepts, inspiring youth today to incorporate green revolution with industrial revolution leading to planet conservation.