The Best Insurance for Nepal Trekking to Ensure Your Safe and Exciting Trek Journey

The Best Insurance for Nepal Trekking to Ensure Your Safe and Exciting Trek Journey

Overview of Insurance for Nepal Trekking Activities

Nepal is a popular destination for people in India and other parts of the world. Peak climbing, Mountain trekking, self-drive Tours and Ride, mountain adventures and expeditions are a few prime attractions of the Himalayas country, Nepal. Moreover, almost every trekking trail in Nepal involves passing through remote and high mountain regions of the almighty Himalayas. Indeed, such activities give you thrills and excitement. Some areas may even let you explore the hidden treasures villages and valleys.

However, trekking, hiking, and adventure activities also involve certain risks. In this situation, individuals choosing for Nepal Trekking must choose the Best Insurance for Nepal Trekking and hiking activities.  

Why we are the Best Travel Insurance for Trekking in Nepal

Whether you go to Nepal for peak climbing, trekking, or any other adventurous activity, you should get personal travel insurance to ensure your safety. However, travelers or trekkers may often get overwhelmed with tons of insurance policies and plans prevailing in the international market. 

A few insurance policies also come with unmatched price but comes with variations of terms and conditions. In this situation, you must be clear about the coverage in your chosen insurance plan. The best insurance for Nepal trekking provides you with the following coverage in its trekking and travel insurance policy.

As all travels matters with money, we are the cheapest yet best insurance in Nepal.

Covers up to 5500 meters, by which you fully assured almost all trekking in Nepal. 

24/7 Nepal based special support team who will make sure about your safety. 

Covers all sorts of adventure and sports  activities, from Everest Base Camp Trek to Annapurna Base camp Trek, Upper Mustang Self Drive Tour to Tibet Self-Drive Tour from India. Water Activities to  Relaxing Holidays.

Covers Up to 200,000 USD for evacuation, reparation, and transportation of mortal remains.

Covers up to 50000 USD medical expenses for Covid-19. 

Re-insurance with United Kingdom’s best company Lloyd’s.

Covers all travel assistance, like flight delayed, trip and cancellation, baggage lost and damages.

Work with reliable and trustworthy helicopters company for rapid response for evacuation.

Use only international standard hospitals for quality and best medical practices.

World wide coverage and widest  network of assistance, claims and support team. And special units in Nepal, UK, USA, UAE, Thailand, Lebanon.

Android, and IOS application design for convenient.

High Altitude Sickness 

Trekking activities in Nepal, like Everest Three Passes Trek, Everest Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and other trekking expeditions or peak climbing involve moving to high altitudes. Indeed, such activities may lead to an increased risk related to altitude sickness. 

Good insurance companies help trekkers by providing policies that cover high-altitude sickness. Regardless of the area you are climbing, hiking, or trekking, your insurance policy must cover your evacuation by helicopter to deal with emergencies. 


Accidents never come by intimating anyone earlier. Moreover, no one will want to suffer accidents while going on their adventure holidays. However, trekking across the Himalayan region always involves risks related to accidents. Luckily, the best insurance for Nepal trekking covers every possible accident to help trekkers whenever they need any emergency evacuation.   

Other Sickness and Illness 

Traveling across mountain regions in Nepal often has a probability of illness, as the human body does not remain adapted to certain hygiene levels or food items. Hence, your insurance policy should cover cases related to hazardous illness and other ailments. Simultaneously, every good insurance should let you evacuate for further treatment. 

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Baggage and Luggage 

Every Nepal tourist may experience delay, loss, or steal of their luggage or baggage. In some cases, you may find your luggage right on your arrival at the Kathmandu airport. Luckily, good Nepal trekking insurance offers coverage for your baggage or luggage loss, damage, and arrival delay.  

Miscellaneous Problem

Trekkers and travelers usually face cancellations or delays for many days on domestic flights of Nepal in Lukla and other mountain region airports. The best insurance for Nepal trekking policies and plans covers the expenses, which arise from delays in flights. Also, tourists sometimes need charter helicopter flights which are costly in Nepal. In this situation, good travel insurance policies cover the respective costs for everyone traveling to Nepal. In other words, the policy must cover every flight cancellation with genuine and out-of-control reasons/situations.

Special Coverage for Self-Drive Trip to Upper Mustang in Nepal

The best insurance for Nepal trekking also offers insurance coverage to everyone going on a self-drive road trip to the famous Upper Mustang region in Nepal. As the area belongs to a restricted zone, an Upper Mustang entry permit costs you $500 per head for up to 10 days. Other than that, your expense will increase if you choose for a 5-star hotel stay and a costly racing car for your driving tour. However, regardless of your choice your expenses remain covered under the Nepal trekking insurance policies. 


Trekking insurance is not compulsory to be part of a Trekking Trail Nepal Nepal. However, you must get the appropriate insurance coverage to ensure your safety during your entire trekking trail. The best insurance for Nepal trekking covers every travel or medical issue with unforeseen accidents that may take place on a trekking trail. The insurance may let you get immediate medical/clinical attention, helicopter rescue, ambulance, and other facilities without breaking the bank.